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Snoring is not just a nuisance to your partner; it can significantly impact your sleep quality and health. Whether it’s due to obstructive sleep apnea, your anatomy, or lifestyle factors, Dr. Jacobson, our Grand Junction snoring dentist, is committed to helping you find the root cause and the best treatment.

We’re dedicated to providing effective solutions to combat snoring, ensuring you and those around you, get a better night’s sleep. Explore our approach at our practice and discover a quieter, healthier sleep.

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Understanding Snoring

Snoring can be caused by various factors, affecting patients in different ways. Recognizing the reasons behind your snoring is crucial for effective treatment and improvement. Common causes include:

  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Anatomy of the mouth and sinuses
  • Age
  • Lifestyle factors, including alcohol consumption and obesity
  • Nasal problems

At Jacobson Family Dental, we are equipped to offer comprehensive care and advice to address your snoring concerns.

Our snoring solutions for life-changing rest

Our treatment plans for snoring are personalized, combining patient comfort with the latest advancements in sleep medicine. We’re ready with the solutions you need.

Custom-Fitted Oral Appliances

We provide custom-fitted oral devices designed to alleviate snoring by adjusting the position of your jaw or tongue during sleep. These appliances are made for comfort, ensuring a good night’s sleep without snoring.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment

For those whose snoring is linked to sleep apnea, we offer comprehensive solutions to manage this condition. Improving your sleep not only reduces snoring but also addresses the health risks associated with sleep apnea.

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Lifestyle and Wellness Advice

Understanding that snoring can be improved with lifestyle changes, we offer guidance and support in making effective adjustments. Our team is here to help you achieve quieter nights.

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Dr. David Jacobson


“My focus is on the long-term health of you and your family. It doesn’t matter when you last visited the dentist — you’re here now, and it’s my job to help you make the best plan for the future of your smile.”

Your First Visit

Curious about what to expect? Here’s a brief overview of your initial consultation for snoring.

90-minute consultation

Thorough examination and cleaning

Discussion of your sleep habits

Introduction to treatment options

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We Accept Insurance

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We are in-network with many major insurance companies, including Delta Dental and Medicare Advantage. We’re happy to submit claims for out-of-network plans, too. Contact our office with questions to learn more.

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