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Even if you have excellent brushing and flossing habits, cavities can happen. In fact, some research shows that over 90% of people will experience tooth decay at some point.

But don’t worry! Routine dental examinations and check-ups are key to early diagnosis and treatment. Early-spotted cavities are frequently treated swiftly and painlessly with a small filling. At Jacobson Family Dental, we use tooth-colored and mercury-free composite fillings, which perfectly mimic your real teeth and work wonders to bring back your healthy smile!

At Jacobson Family Dental, we do our best to assist you in making the right decision for your dental health. We’ll always ensure you completely understand our treatment suggestions so you can choose what’s best for you and your family.

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Composite Fillings vs. “Silver” Fillings

The most popular material for filling cavities for many years was a silver-mercury amalgam. However, modern composite tooth-colored fillings offer several benefits:

  • Tend to be smaller and retain more of their original structure.
  • Have a similar appearance to your actual teeth and remain hidden when you smile.
  • They are mercury-free and made of a natural material that resembles porcelain.
  • They bond to the tooth immediately, strengthening it and preventing future cracks and fractures.


What to Expect

Fillings are one of the easiest dental procedures. With the soft touch of our dentists, you’ll feel at ease and calm throughout your appointment.

  1. Before starting, your dentist will ensure you’re relaxed and comfortable.
  2. We’ll begin by removing any decayed areas and preparing your teeth for the filling.
  3. Your filling will be made to match the color of your natural tooth.
  4. The filling will be bonded in place using a UV light to speed up the curing process.

That’s all there is to it!

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Dr David Jacobson owner of Jacobson Family Dental

Dr. David Jacobson


“ We help patients successfully restore their smiles every day!”

Your First Visit

Want to say goodbye to cavities for good? Start with a new patient appointment and let’s see how we can help. This is what your first visit will look like:

90 minutes with us

Full-mouth x-rays

Comprehensive exam — we’ll discuss your treatment

Gentle dental cleaning

Why patients choose us

Our team has provided personalized tooth decay treatments since 2004.

You’re in good hands.

Fixing your cavities is a huge step — our team will make it an easy experience.

Stress-free treatment

Worried about going to the dentist? Dental anxiety is normal. We’ll make sure you feel at ease.

Experience matters

We’re known for providing high-quality care and great results from start to finish.

We Accept Insurance

financing options at Jacobson Family Dental in Grand Junction CO

We are in-network with many major insurance companies, including Delta Dental and Medicare Advantage plans. We’re happy to submit claims for out-of-network plans, too.

Contact our office with questions and to learn more.

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“Great experience every time. Dr. Jacobson is so gentle, detail-oriented, and kind. He explains everything in detail. His staff is friendly, caring, and personable.”
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